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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium at Green Meadow Primary School

Pupil Premium is additional funding given to publicly funded schools in England to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and close the gap between them and their peers. Pupil Premium is allocated to schools with pupils on roll that are know to have been eligible for free school meals at any time in the past six years, those who are classed as looked after children and those who are service children. Schools have the freedom to spend the Pupil Premium in a way that they think will best support raising the attainment for this vulnerable group. The Governors of Green Meadow Primary School will ensure that this annual statement of how the funding has been used is published on the school website. Our aim at Green Meadow is to ensure all children achieve the very best they can during their time in school. We use our Pupil Premium funding to support the learning of children in our care and to provide all children with the opportunities to succeed, including those children from a disadvantaged background. Whilst we provide additional support and resources to help close the gap between disadvantaged children with school and nationally, we recognise that it is also vital for us to support the ‘whole child’. This means that it is vital for us to address children’s social, emotional, behavioural, economic and pastoral needs, as many of these factors contribute to children’s overall achievement in school.    

Please click on the link below to view Financial breakdown 2014-2018

Financial breakdown 2014-2018 (please click to view)

  Impact to 2015 Attainment across school to 2015 is in line with or above the national average for all groups of pupils. The ‘attainment gap’ between Green Meadow Pupil Premium and National Non PP pupils within the school and nationally continues to be closed. All parents continue to engage with their children’s learning through home learning, workshops, school events, curriculum enrichment and on-going discussions. Participation in school extra-curricular activities, clubs, trips, sport etc is monitored and matches school averages. At the end of each Key Stage, Green Meadow pupil premium pupil results are either inline with all pupils nationally or exceed pupils nationally. In 2013 Green Meadow Primary was thanked by the Minister of State for schools for the excellent performance of disadvantaged pupils. The provision for pupils at Green Meadow has continued in the same way since then ensuring targeted support for appropriate pupils. Please click on the link below to view data of Pupil Outcomes

KS2 Pupil Premium Outcomes 2011- 2015
  Funding Allocation: 2015-2016

Green Meadow Primary School received a total of £227,040 pupil premium for 2015-2016. 40% of our school community received Pupil Premium funding. We used the funds to develop:

  • Additional teaching assistants to work with identified pupils.
  • Additional teachers to provide cover for curriculum monitoring and evaluation.
  • Additional teaching support for pupils provided in class or small group.
  • Additional teachers to provide cover for coaching and mentoring of current staff.
  • Outside agencies to provide pastoral and family support e.g. Malachi family / individual pupil support.
  • Additional curriculum provision e.g. outdoor learning.
  • Curriculum Enrichment workshops where staff work with pupil premium children.
  • Subsidy for residential trips
  • Staff continued professional development.
  • Individual support for identified pupils.

To evaluate the impact of this funding we undertook the following Monitoring and Evaluation procedures:

  • Whole school tracking of Pupil Premium children; particularly identifying any pupils requiring additional support.
  • Pastoral support tracked to ensure positive outcomes for Pupil Premium pupils.
  • Staff closely monitor the progress of all pupils especially pupils needing additional help. A Provision Map of pupil premium pupils is in place and updated three times a year and the information is used as part of the pupil progress meetings / Closing the Gap intervention programmes.
  • All staff are fully aware of pupils in their class and any specific needs the pupils may have. At pupil progress meetings all staff are held to account for the progress of all pupils and especially closing the gap between non Pupil Premium pupils and Pupil Premium pupils.
  • Targeted support and specific planned interventions to ensure that all groups of pupils are performing in line with or above national expectations, especially Pupil Premium pupils.
  • Feedback to the Governing Body so that the school can identify successes and review next step developments.

The Impact of this funding includes:

  • Good attendance by Pupil Premium pupils – 95.57% against 96% for all pupils.
  • Targeted pastoral support for disadvantaged pupils and their families from the Senior Leaders and Pastoral Manager.
  • High engagement by parents and pupils and enriched curriculum opportunities enjoyed by all.
  • Pupil Premium pupils closing the gap with all pupils nationally at the end of each key stage and for year 1 phonics.

Effective use of pupil premium and measurement of its impact on outcomes for pupils at the end of the 7 year journey at Green Meadow Primary School  

Year 6 – 2016 Unvalidated data  Green Meadow All Pupils Green Meadow Pupil Premium Pupils National All Pupils
Combined Reading, Writing & Maths achieving National Expectations 58% 46% 53%
Reading % at National Expectation 68% 57% 66%
Writing % at National Expectation 67% 50% 74%
Maths % at National Expectation 80% 61% 70%
Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling % of National Expectation 85% 79% 72%
Average scaled score in Reading 104 101.2 103
Average scaled score in Grammer, Punctuation & Spelling 108 104.5 104
Average scaled score in Maths 106 102.3 103

  How will we spend the pupil premium funding in 2016/2017? Having evaluated the impact of last year’s pupil premium spending on outcomes the school has decided to continue the focus on raising attainment and accelerating progress of disadvantaged pupil:

  • 3 Full Time SEN Teaching Assistants funded
  • 10% of SLT Support for Pupil Premium
  • Reading group with English Consultant
  • Pastoral Manager ( 4 days per week)
  • CPD for staff
  • Fresh Start support for a Pupil Premium child
  • 40% of Senior Secretary Support for Attendance support
  • Individual pupil support ( Educational visits, residential, shoes, glasses etc)
  • Curriculum enrichment – Workshops, Malachi (Year 6 Transition)
  • Netbook initiative for pupil premium children
  • Holiday clubs provision to support pupil premium families

Monitoring and evaluation procedures will be undertaken regularly to evaluate the impact of this funding. This includes:

  • Leaders identifying the children who attract the Pupil Premium funding and establishing a clear understanding of their current pastoral and academic need.
  • Leaders identifying the common needs of disadvantaged pupils in year groups and phases and developing Teaching and Learning strategies to support these children.
  • Review half termly pupil progress and pastoral development.


 Pupil Premium 2016/2017 Review information (please click to view)
Green Meadow Whole School Outcomes 2017 (please click to view)


Pupil Premium 2017/2018 Planned Spending Report (please click to view)


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